Frosty The Refrigerator

Do you see ice or excessive water dripping from the top of your refrigerator? You have a condensation problem! The biggest culprit of condensation is an air gap at the door gaskets. Check your gaskets for any obvious tears or cracks, if you are unable to see the problem use the “dollar bill trick”. Take a dollar bill and close it in the door, you should feel resistance but be able to slide the bill easily. Slide the dollar bill all around the door, if at any point the bill moves between the gaskets without healthy resistance you have a gap. For some models you can simply adjust the door or replace the gaskets. For other models (Norcold 12 cubic ft models) you have to actually replace the door.

Some refrigerators have heaters built into the door that are supposed to help control condensation, if these heaters are defective, you will most likely notice an increase in condensation. The heaters are unable to be replaced. If you would like to test the heater in your refrigerator please visit the product manuals page for the correct testing procedures.

If you are unable to fix your condensation problem you have come to the right place! We have many used doors in stock that we can sell you at a fraction of the cost of a new door.