Don’t Like Propane… Use Your Batteries.

Many of our customers don’t prefer to run their refrigerators on propane while they are traveling down the road or dry camping due to the risk of fire. Many of those same customers don’t like to run a generator either due to the CO build-up potential in the coach. We here at RV Refrigerator Repair have the solution. Give us a call and we can schedule you a time to come in and have a single point inversion system put in to run your refrigerator on battery power or shore power without ever touching a button. Depending on the make and model of your refrigerator, space available, and the current battery bank capabilities pricing will vary so give us a call and let us help work out the best solution for you.
If you’re not currently living in North Alabama or somewhere close we can also ship you the kit and instructions for installation at your place or at a local service center.

Hope to hear from you soon.